Patron Program

Through our flagship ‘Patron’ program, we aim to revive the concept of patronage under which the crafts sector once flourished. It is a comprehensive, multi – pronged approach to enable, promote and sustain craft based livelihoods. Our aim has been to motivate the corporate sector to don the mantel of patrons for the Indian craft sector. To date we have impacted over 1,200 beneficiaries across Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Our ‘Patrons’ include Accenture India, Deloitte India and Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL).

Program enables the following:

  • Companies gets structured CSR program with measurable output and social impact
  • NGO partners and artisan groups get access to market-driven initiatives designed to enhance income and livelihoods
  • Capacity building of partner organizations and beneficiaries including operational support and business acumen training
  • Skill development training to unskilled and marginalized groups including persons with disability, women being rehabilitated from trafficking and domestic violence
  • Design support including product, packaging and customization
  • Marketing support aimed at evaluating relevant channels to arrive at sustainable and scalable consumer groups.
  • Donor’s employees can get involved in volunteering engagements and provide consulting & technical support

Who are our Partners:

  • Corporates: CSR Departments
  • NGOs: working in the areas of livelihoods, rural development, women empowerment, tribal welfare, rehabilitation of persons with disability

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